October 14th, 2021

What Does Pending Agreement Mean


could be a completely stupid question, but I couldn`t find a simple and clear answer to this question, what exactly does it mean when my app is in the “Pending Agreement” state? Is it because my account has expired and I can`t remove my app from the App Store until I renew my subscription? Still no joy, check your developer agreement through the Member Center to see if anything needs your attention. There is a pending final status that depends on Apple: for the purposes of this section 40.5, the term “Pending Agreement” means a written contract in good faith that (i) provides for the sale of the Premises by the Lessor to a person other than a person associated with the Lessor at a sale price at least equal to the estimated value, and (ii) a date for the completion of such sale; which must take place within ninety (90). days from the date of such a contract. Pending agreement I submitted my first app to iTunes Connect and will receive this pending agreement under App Store status. I looked under the agreements, taxes and banking services and filed a contract, but I`m waiting for them to approve the tax information, so that`s what stops it? When I click on it, it exceeds the file size, it says that I exceed the file size by 100 MB. Is that what stops my application because the file size of the application is about 626.2 MB and I don`t know how to reduce the size. It`s in the new universal format, but I copied it into an ultimate configuration format and it was about the same file size. So I`m not sure what to do at this point. For several days, my App Store Connect dashboard has been displaying my submitted app as “Agreement Pending.” I searched the website and the only agreement I found was the license agreement. Is that what Apple wants me to resub? There are no layers I don`t want to publish. I wanted to reduce the quality or file size of the .png by hand. I took all the files .png from the Pictures folder and compressed each of them to make them smaller.

I`ve also considered thinning apps, but I don`t know how to do it outside of Xcode, and I don`t know how to open a Corona SDK project in Xcode. I just want my app to be much smaller and the images to take up the most MB. I`m going to start from scratch and build the app in a different way if it can help. While waiting for Apple (pending verification or under review), you can cancel the process by rejecting the binary with iTunes Connect. The state of your app changes to Developer Rejected and you will need to restart with a new binary file from the beginning. Is there a way to shrink PNG files even more without going to build4 Assets folder and manually shrink PNG files individually? I should have reduced them before launching the app, and I can do that with future apps, but I`d rather not repeat this app from the beginning. .

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