April 10th, 2021

Merchant Agreement Preklad


Contract between the cardholder and the issuer subject to the conditions of issuance and use of the credit card. English: Cardholder Contract A contract between a merchant and a clearing bank (acquirer) that defines for each of them its rights and obligations related to the acceptance of the card. English: Dealer Contract A contract between a card association and a member that provides membership status and allows a member to obtain a license for one or more association brands. In English: Subscription and Atm license agreement, outside the bank building. In English: ATM off-site VISA Electron Card, which does not require customization (no name or operation of the owner) and is issued in the subsidiary. In English: Instant Issue Card Loan, which is secured by a mortgage on the property (we also call it a home loan). Generally, this is a loan that is also used for the acquisition, modification, repair or reconstruction of the property, but this cannot always be the case. The main thing is the existence of guarantees for the loan in the form of a pawn. Other names used: mortgage; Mortgage Credit Orders the bank (payer) to transfer money from its account to the beneficiary`s account, i.e.

to make a payment (payment of a specified amount). Other names used: payment order; The conversion order Order payment Regular deposit of money into a bank account or savings deposit where they are virtually risk-free interest at a rate known until now. The process of exchanging funds between members for the value of monetary transactions (including fees) that are sucked in on a given date. English: Billing process to evaluate and approve the execution of a transaction at the point of sale, without contacting the publisher. In English: ff-line Authorization Service The owner of the shares to which the rights of the shareholder are linked (see shares). Depending on the share of the total number of shares, it may be a minority (minority) or a majority (majority). More shares held means greater ability to influence the activities of a limited company. A message sent by the payment system to the issuer and announcing the authorization by the payment system instead of the issuer. In English: Authorization Tip A transaction initiated by the cardholder either by correspondence with the dealer or by telephone instructions addressed to the distributor, neither the card nor the cardholder is present at the place of sale. In English: mail-order/telephone order (MO/TO) Transaction The global communication network and Visa Card services that offer online financial transactions, authorization, compensation and compensation for members of the association. In English: VisaNet code with a specific reason for re-booking.

In English: Basic code chargeback- interest rate or dividends under a security. The date of payment of the coupons is the date of payment of the proceeds of the guarantee. The owner of the coupon receives interest or dividends upon presentation of the coupon. Represents a distance of about 1 to 1.5 m from the previous customer to an ATM, cash register, etc. It is used to preserve the confidentiality of data or typed data. English: Discreet zone See transactions by written/telephone – MO/TO. In English: MO/TO Cash payment by credit card in a personal environment. In English: manual payment in cash Proof of non-ex payment payment by credit card authenticated by the signature or pin of the cardholder.

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