September 27th, 2021

Mcba Nube Collective Agreement


PETALING JAYA: The noisy bankers` union NUBE accused HSBC of breaching a collective agreement and said the foreign bank had outsourced banking functions in India, Sri Lanka and salespeople in Malaysia, which could lead to the dismissal of around 200 Malaysian workers. About 20,000 office and non-office workers receive salary increases of up to 12 percent, as well as expanded benefits and allowances, including 0 percent interest-rate loans, under the new collective agreement (CA). The 0% interest rate also applies to employees who have existing mortgages. “We believe this renewed Board will inspire employees of member banks to do their best to further increase productivity in their respective workplaces,” Nora said at the signing ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. “However, HSBC wrote to us on 11 November that they could not respond to any of our requests. The bank instructed a third party to issue dismissal letters to its employees on November 13, totally ignoring Article 14 of the Board,” he said. All member banks also agreed to grant 0% residential loans to the under-number groups covered by the CA on 1 April 2019. “All this anti-union and anti-union exploitation happened under the nose of MOHR, who did not even hit the wrist, even though we wrote several letters of complaint to the authorities. Solomon said in a statement, adding that outsourcing for local workers would amount to “ingratitude,” with the profits now being used to enrich companies overseas.

Meanwhile, Solomon said the AC concluded harmoniously, with participation and mutual respect, both by the banks` bargaining teams and by the union. The general meeting was very busy and participated in the meeting by member banks of nearly sixty people present. Just under 20,000 bank employees will benefit from this adjustment, which was postponed to 1 January last year. When Alan Sunil Netto, an HSBC human resources manager, was contacted, he declined to comment and referred FMT to the bank`s corporate communications division. Attempts to reach the department failed at the time of go to press. Banks, meanwhile, will adjust the existing monthly cost of living, which is to increase from the current rate of RM400 to RM600 as of January 1, 2019. There was no election of public servants, as the term of office of the current EXCO members would not end until 2020. . .

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