September 26th, 2021

Makeup Service Contract Agreement


Do you see the importance of the make-up artist contract or a makeup contract project for your career? Always use it! Normally, the makeup contract template has a separate clause for your portfolio. So make sure you don`t skip this part. Remember that the client has never worked with you and is therefore not certain that you will provide the makeup services as intended. This is the section of the contract that must be crystal clear for your client. That`s not to say the rest of the contract should be mud clear, but when it comes to payment details, you want to leave little room for confusion. Ask customers for a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, while serving you the contract and returning it to you. This confirms your commitment to the appointment and to you and indicates the overall tone of the agreement between you and your client for the future. Remember that an independent makeup artist is all about creativity. Originally, you decided to become a makeup artist just because you like to explore your imagination and put everything on someone`s skin or face. Therefore, you must comply with it, even if you write your make-up artist contract. Your client has had to work with other makeup artists, and what makes you different from others? In freelancing, you will never be able to rest on your laurels. You will never be able to rely on the skills you have today.

After all, the industry is constantly evolving. For this reason, it would be suicidal for you to count on the skills acquired a few years ago. If you do, you expect your colleagues to bypass you. So use the make-up artist contract to inform customers that you have not stopped improving your skills through continuous training. As for the deposit amount, 20% -50% of the total price is a fair and usual range. Make it clear in the contract that the customer`s expected date and time will only be reserved when the deposit and signed contract are in your hands. This is even more important in the case of the bride`s makeup, since the wedding date and the client`s services for his bridal party are only provided after payment, and these are all extremely important details for a bride-to-be! As a visagist, your time is worth gold….

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