April 10th, 2021

Lease Agreement Double Entry


In the example above, at the time of the first annual payment, the tenant records the following entry: wonderful declaration. How can I charge for a one-year car renovation contract with no due date, what would my approach be? Post-Account accounting: Rent/Advice Interests: Use the rental table and complete next year to help you finalize the split between long-term debt and short-term commitments. Hello Ahmed, please, I would not object if you can share your auto policy with me. I want to know how the policy works, maybe I can present it to my company. fawemimooladele@gmail.com Hello I have questions about ifrs 16 Rental Contracts. In my company we have a 7-year lease and the ban within the deadline for the contract is 2 years. The deposit has also been brought into compliance with the 2-month rent, which must be in line with the rent of the last two months of the tenancy agreement in case of expiration or early closure. I activated this lease for a full term of 7 years and I registered a security deposit under the financial assets. Is the ifrs 16 treatment correct? In my opinion, the surety should be counted as a non-financial asset, because it is adjustable?? Besides, I`m puzzled about disagreeing with the same bail? ? Please help Hi Ruben, I`m not sure what you mean by ROI – maybe the right to use assets? In general, yes, if the rental contract is entered into by the wreck of the car, then remove the balance sheet accounting values and the difference is recorded as a profit or loss. Hello Silvia, thanks for your detailed illustration of IFRS 16. I would like to clarify how we will manage your example, when we paid 100,000 in 2018 (200,000 in total) in advance? Should we process 100,000 down payments in 2018 and allocate them in 2019 according to the table? Or do we have to adapt the table to match the correct current value by adjusting the rental payment from 100,000 to 200,000 in 2018 (in order to adjust the liability b/f in 2019)? As we have already calculated under the capital leasing criterion, our current value is 1.033.238.

Thanks for communicating this important information with us, please, I need a quick response for my case. I am an accountant and I have a client has a contract for the country leased for 28 years and the contract from January 1, 2014 and all rental costs from 2014 to 2019 he capitalizes it because he builds a factory under this land, now, if I apply IFRS 16 in this case, what do I think all rents from 2014 to 2019 should go to P-L yes? If this case is applicable in IFRS 16, I would like to have the right procedure for this, dear Silvia, please give your opinion about ROU (shipyard open for a period of 50 years until 2056). In our annual accounts for the year ended December 31, 2018, it was amended as a cost – financing and amortization fees (no leasing liabilities in our case, because its Open Yard fully paid). We want to know what the right approach to IFRS 16 would be for the same thing.

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