September 25th, 2021

Last Day On Earth Rental Agreement Expires


Our tenants have requested an early termination through our rental agents (short-term rental agreement). According to the contract, they could move, but were responsible for the rent until new tenants were found or the contract ended. We did not receive our rent for the 26-day period between the tenant extract and the new move. It took me 4 months to request/email agents who paid me with the ability to get money back by deposit. Finally, the rental agents admitted that someone in the office had wrongly released the tenants and returned the keys on the day they moved. I contacted the manager of the rental agents, who apologizes for the “inconvenience”, but cannot get this money back from the previous “sorry” tenants. It should say the duration of the lease on your lease. Like what. I resigned him in May a few days ago, and I received a response from an agent I haven`t spoken to yet, that the property was not being managed and that I needed to talk to the owner.

After the owner ignored my messages for two days, I called him, he apologized for being busy at work, but he had seen my messages. I quickly explained the situation to him, and he seemed understanding and ready to work with us. A few hours later, he sent me an email saying that he had spoken to the agency and that they had advised him to make sure the deal was executed. This is totally against what I was told in February. Since February, I have organized my move abroad, and now I am told that I would have to pay for an additional 3 months of rent for a period when I will not even be in the house. The registration contract between a park and its occupant must be in writing and, in addition to the provisions of the law, the duration of the occupancy and the rent, the fees that may be charged for the services provided by the park and an explanation of why the recreational vehicle of a defaulting occupant may be withdrawn in accordance with section 799.22. without a judicial hearing after notification of 72 hours` notice in accordance with this Chapter and of the telephone number of the local traffic police. “rental agreement” is an agreement between management and the owner that sets out the terms of a parking rental agreement. A lease is a lease. If no interruption clause is mentioned in the contract and the lessor refuses to terminate prematurely, the tenant is contractually obliged to pay you the rent for the entire duration of the fixed period. If I understood your situation, you agreed to rent a unit and sign the contract, but you could not pay the full amount necessary. You were not allowed to move in because you had not paid.

I am not sure of your contribution when you intend to pay the balance if it has been agreed. You are asking whether it is fair to be charged for the accommodation to which you have been denied access. What you can consider fair is not necessarily the legal situation. The landlord may also find it unfair that you signed a payment agreement and didn`t, and they could have rented it to someone else, but that doesn`t matter to the legal situation. The best advice someone can give you is to bring your lease to an organization that can help you, z.B.CAB, Law Center, etc. as the specific agreement is important. The landlord may be able to legally enforce your obligation to pay for part of the rental term, but this would depend on whether they will try and not rent the room once you have formally told them that you no longer wish to accept the lease. There may also be a specific clause in the agreement that states that the lease cannot begin if no payment is made as agreed, which could help you..

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