April 9th, 2021

Data Processing Agreement Privacy Shield


3.2 Subcontracting obligations. ZooTemplate must: (i) enter into a written agreement with the subcontract, which imposes data protection rules requiring the subcontractor to protect personal data according to the legal standard; and (ii) remain responsible for meeting the obligations of this data protection authority and for any act or omission of the subcontractor that leads ZooTemplate to violate any of its obligations under this data protection authority. The ECJ found that the data exporter and data importer may be required to agree on additional measures, in addition to compliance with CSC, to ensure an adequate level of protection for the data transmitted, but did not specify what such measures might be. The European Data Protection Committee recently published some FAQs confirming that it is currently analysing the ECJ decision and will provide guidance on the nature of these complementary measures in the future. Mailchimp will check this guide as soon as it becomes available and implement it in all the most appropriate ways to ensure compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In addition, Mailchimp contractually undertakes to transfer and process all Swiss, EU and UK data from its users in accordance with the standard contractual clauses, which remain a valid data export mechanism and are automatically valid in accordance with the mailchimps data processing addendum. We take all necessary measures to ensure that our agreements with our international third-party suppliers (including subprocessers) contain appropriate obligations of these third parties with regard to the transfer and processing of European data outside Europe, and that we would establish an appropriate and legitimate data transfer mechanism (such as standard contractual clauses) and , if necessary, additional guarantees. For more details on the subprocessors we used, click here. Mr Mailchimp has taken a number of steps to ensure that European and UK data remain protected when transmitted outside Europe. How personal data transmitted between the EU and the US is protected.

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