June 7th, 2009

Concheras redux


I’ve finally had time (during two airport layovers en route to Cuba) to assemble a bit of video footage I took of the cockle collectors of Tambillo (see May 16 post, “The cockle collectors”).

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One Response to “Concheras redux”

  1. Hello Kennedy
    I’ve just got to your blog – can’t believe you’ve written so much since you left. Just has a quick browse over the site – a totally amazing adventure you have researched, planned and implemented. The pics look great – you have a real skill when it comes to getting local, meeting people and tapping into their story. I’ll get around to reading the updates next.
    The final book will be absolutely brilliant (he says from in front of the fire in his comfortable house). Maybe next time you depart on an adventure I should save my $ and come with you – I could carry the bags!!
    Keep up the good work. (Do you know how many reference to your good self there is on Google? Too many to number!!
    Go well with a full heart. Mark