September 14th, 2021

Cmcc Transfer Agreements


Maines Community Colleges have transfer agreements with many other colleges and universities — in Maine and across the country. These agreements are intended to facilitate the transition to four years of study. Students are encouraged to meet with a transfer advisor as soon as possible to understand what transfer routes are available and how to use them. All students who have requested a transfer will be informed of the outcome of their application before the end of April. The transfer block is a defined set of general educational requirements transferred to all institutions at the University of Maine System (UMS) and Maine Community College (MECC). Students who met all the requirements of the transfer block met most of their educational requirements at all public institutions in Maine. Maine universities may require up to 11 additional credits for general image credits specific to their program or a particular bachelor`s degree. However, completing the transfer block does not guarantee admission to a given university. If you have any questions about the transfer block, please contact your CMCC study advisor. As soon as a student has been admitted, the transfer manager or program coordinator will evaluate the transcripts of previous academic work and send the evaluation by email. Each student is expected to meet the defined requirements of the UMA ACADEMIC program in which he or she has been admitted. Some transfer credits may not apply to a WBU-specific program of study.

The WBU and the specific academic department are responsible for determining which transferred courses meet the graduation requirements of a particular major. Applications for transfer of credits to foreign institutions must be submitted by application to the Global Education Services ( for a course-by-course evaluation. WES should send the official assessment directly to the Application Processing Center, as mentioned above. UMA also accepts documents that have been verified by each NACES member supplier, the National Association of Needs Assessment Services ( Grades of “C” or higher are taken into account for transfer credits. Note: Some programs may have requirements for which a higher grade is required to pass. Start at a community college. Finish your studies at one of Maine`s public universities. It is affordable and the University of Maine System (UMS), in partnership with Community Colleges, offers many useful resources to facilitate the transfer process, including: We work closely with Maine Community Colleges to ensure a smooth transition to AMU. Courses are regularly checked and the Equivalency Course transfer matrix is available to display performance values for course transfer. Interested students are invited to discuss their specific transfer interests with the WBU Admissions Team, the Office of Enrollment Services Transcript Evaluator, advisory staff, and/or the academic coordinating program. Instead of enrolling in OTU in Grade 4, students come to CMCC with transfer credits for three courses in the DC program.

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