September 13th, 2021

Bufa Agreement


Brock President Gervan Fearon and Brock`s Board of Directors would like to pay tribute to the BUFA bargaining team for the preparation and hard work throughout the process that contributed to the achievement of the new collective agreement before the current collective agreement expired. After the ratification of the agreement, the new collective agreement (in draft form) will be available for staff review. The new three-year collective agreement came into effect on Wednesday, July 1. Following this judgment, BUFA launched a certification campaign in September 1977. The application for certification was submitted to the Labour Board on 17 October 1977. Pending a favorable certification decision, Dennis Oleson and Gerald Neufeld collected existing collective agreements from other universities across Canada. Currently, the sale of the La Bufa property is not imminent. In the following years, BUFA became more committed to promoting the economic, social and general interests of its members. This process culminated in 1971, when BUFA obtained voluntary recognition from the university as a negotiator for its members. .

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