April 8th, 2021

Bsc Agreement


5.4. We reserve the right to terminate a contract with you under paragraph 9 above and to interrupt or terminate access to the Site immediately and without notification if: 12.3.4. The contract concerns the sale of land, auctions and financial services agreements The process, an intergovernmental agreement between the EU and third countries, does not have THE status of EU law. Since the Bologna Declaration is not a treaty or convention, there are no legal obligations for the signatory states; Participation and cooperation are voluntary. Although the declaration was drafted without any formal affiliation to the EU institutions, the European Commission (which has supported European projects such as the tuning and TEEP projects) plays an important role in the implementation of the process. Most countries do not integrate into the framework and use their traditional systems. The process, which will lead to bilateral agreements between countries and institutions that recognize each other`s degrees, ranges from a strict convergence of time devoted to qualifications to a competency-based system, which will have a bachelor`s and postgraduate departments (with an undergraduate degree and a bachelor`s degree and a doctorate). The Bologna process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries aimed at ensuring the comparability of standards and the quality of university degrees. [1] This process created the European Higher Education Area within the framework of the Lisbon Convention on Recognition. It was named after the University of Bologna, where the Bologna Declaration was signed in 1999 by education ministers from 29 European countries. The process was opened up to other countries within the Council of Europe`s European Convention on Culture[2] and government meetings were held in Prague (2001), Berlin (2003), Bergen (Bergen) London (2007), Leuven (2009), Budapest-Vienne (2010), Bucharest (2012), Eriwan (2015) and Paris (2018). 23.1.

The contract represents the entire oral or written agreement between us regarding the purpose of the contract and replaces any oral or written prior agreement between us. 22.2. The notification is deemed to be received and correctly distributed if it is published on our website, 24 hours after sending an email or three days after the date of publication of a letter. For proof of the meaning of a notification, it is sufficient, in the case of a letter, to prove that such a letter was correctly addressed, stamped and put in the mail and that in the case of an e-mail, such a letter was sent to the email address indicated by the recipient. 16.1.4. Any issue for which it would be illegal to exclude or exclude our liability 14.2. You can download or copy content and other downloadable items displayed on the site provided the material can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is expressly forbidden to copy or store the contents of the website for non-personal use.

La Laurea corresponds to a bachelor`s degree; The Laurea Magistrale, which corresponds to a master`s degree, provides access to postgraduate programs (post-MA, phDs or technical schools) of two to five years (the diploma of a doctorate usually lasts three years). Laurea Magistrale Quinquennal (Five Years Master of Arts) is a five-year year of law (Facolté di Giurisprudenza), Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti) and music (Conservatorio di Musica). The title is dottore for ba and BS students and masterful dottore for graduates of LAM, MFA and MD (short for Dott., Dott.ssa or Dr.).

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