April 8th, 2021

Billboard Advertising Agreement Form


Imagine that you have leased land to someone who is going to build and maintain billboards, and now the billboard owner wants to know if you are making electricity available to turn it on. A Billboard lease defines all the tricky terms of your contract. It`s a contract between a Billboard owner and owner. It addresses specific concerns related to the rental of land for the construction or maintenance of a billboard. These include access to the property, power supply and maintenance of the billboard. Other conditions covered by the lease include the requirement for the owner of Billboard to comply with state rules and their liability for billboard taxes. A billboard lease represents the expectations of each party and helps avoid misunderstandings that contribute to a happy ownership relationship between the owner and the poster. Other names for this document: Billboard Rental, Billboard Lease Agreement, Billboard Land Lease Agreement If you have room for a billboard and want to earn a little more money, a Billboard Lease is a smart way to make sure it`s done right. Use the billboard rental document if: You have…

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