September 11th, 2021

Annex V Eea Agreement


in such a dispute, the EEA Joint Committee has not reached agreement on a solution within six months of the opening of these proceedings or, until then, the Contracting Parties have not decided to request the Court of Justice of the European Communities to give a ruling, a Party may remedy any imbalances, without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the landing of fish from a fish stock of common interest the management of which shows serious divergences. Officials of a Party may be present, with the agreement of the other Party, at investigations conducted in the territory of the Parties. PROTOCOL No 2 on products excluded from the scope of the Agreement in accordance with Article 8(3)(a) of the Agreement, the Competent Surveillance Authority shall, in accordance with Article 56 of the Agreement, authorise specialisation agreements or agreements for the joint purchase or sale of the products referred to in paragraph 1 where it finds that, subject to the procedure referred to in Article 9b, paragraph 3 of this Protocol, the time limits referred to in paragraph 1 shall not apply: if the international security agreements between the Contracting Party and third countries provide otherwise. The instruments resulting from the negotiations referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to ratification or approval by the Parties in accordance with their own procedures. Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement, and in particular Protocols 41 and 43, the application of the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail over the provisions of existing bilateral or multilateral agreements binding the European Economic Community, of the one part, and one or more EFTA States, of the other part, in so far as the same subject matter is governed by this Agreement. If the Kingdom of Norway makes use of this right, the Agreements applicable to Svalbard, in particular the Agreement establishing the European Free Trade Association, the Free Trade Agreement between the European Economic Community and the Kingdom of Norway and the Free Trade Agreement between the Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Coal and Steel Community, on the one hand, and the Kingdom of Norway, on the other, the Committee on Employment, Research and Research, Research and Research shall apply. Decisions of the EEA Council shall be taken by common accord between the Community, of the one part, and the EFTA States, of the other part. If, at the time of entry into force of the Agreement, the necessary adaptations to the legislation have not been made to the satisfaction of the Contracting Parties, all the points in dispute may be submitted to the EEA Joint Committee. In the absence of an agreement, the provisions of Article 114 of the Agreement shall apply mutatis mutandis. . . .

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