March 4th, 2011

A book is born

Let Them Eat Shrimp

Let Them Eat Shrimp

I can’t believe that it was more than 18 months ago that I last updated this blog, saying “See you in September.” Well, that didn’t happen, did it! I was unable to raise the necessary funds to visit the mangroves of Thailand and Indonesia, so I pressed ahead with the book based on the research I had already done. Then came the global recession and a general slowdown in book publishing, and publication of my book was delayed for close to a year.

BUT HERE IT IS! Looking lovely in hardback, and available now from online booksellers such as Amazon and Fishpond. You will notice that the book has a new name—not “Last Stands,” which was my original title, but “Let Them Eat Shrimp,” which the publisher felt would make a stronger connection with American readers. And a great title it is, too, casting shrimp farming as the Marie Antoinette of seafood industries.

For more information about the book, see, which redirects to Island Press’s website. The publisher will be putting up reviews and announcements on that site over the coming months. There is the possibility of an author tour of the US later in the year, and I’ll post about that if and when it happens.

Thanks for being part of the journey, and I hope you enjoy the book.

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